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Hannah Darrow – Featured

Hannah Darrow Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital- Staff Feature Hannah keeps all gears oiled and running smoothly at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital. As Practice Manager, she gets to see the “extra behind the scenes behind the scenes” world of accounting, bills and evaluations. Stuff you might think is boring, Hannah thinks is fun! “I love figuring…

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Erica Marshall – Featured

Erica Marshall- Staff Feature “Make a plan. Be willing to change the plan.” This is Erica’s work and life motto. Her life path might seem winding—a straight-A, biology-loving high school student becomes a computer repair person, a professional photographer then discovers her passion for animal care in a spay-neuter clinic.  But her curiosity is the…

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Guinea Pigs were once wild

Did you know your guinea pig has wild ancestors? Did you know your guinea pig has wild ancestors? Your loveable bundle of friendly fur (Cavia porcellus) has an ancient history. Their wild ancestors (either cavia tschudii, cavia aperea, or cavia fulgida) come from South America where they were domesticated around 5,000 B.C. Ancient Incas kept…

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