Pet Wellness Care

At Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital, we believe that when it comes to keeping our pets happy and healthy for as many years as possible, prevention is always the best medicine.

wellness care

Pet Wellness Care in Santa Rosa, CA

When we are able to take a proactive approach to managing your pet’s health, we are better able to provide protection against many of the dangers that can affect companion animals. What’s more, through routine wellness care, we are able to identify potential medical concerns and address them right away – before they have a chance to develop into a serious and costly problem. Let our veterinary team help extend and improve the quality of your loved one’s life through our comprehensive wellness care services.

What is "wellness care"?

Wellness care is the general term that refers to the ongoing upkeep of your pet’s good health. It involves annual or semi-annual physical exams during which we will also cover a number of other important topics, such as vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition and weight management and more. The goal of these routine visits is two-fold. First, we want to take preventative measures to protect your pet against a number of illnesses that are common among companion animals. When we can prevent disease, we can prolong your pet’s life and improve the quality of that life, too, which is always our goal.

The second component of wellness care is early detection. Although we’ll make every effort to prevent illness from occurring in your pet, sometimes it is out of our control. In those cases, we focus on identifying and diagnosing potential health problems as soon as they occur, so we can address them in the most timely and effective manner possible. Not only is early detection important for achieving a better prognosis for your pet, but it’s also a much more affordable approach to managing your loved one’s health.

During a wellness visit, the doctor will work on developing a complete health profile of your pet. We will examine your pet’s nose, eyes and ears, check your pet’s teeth and oral cavity, listen to your pet’s heart and lungs, carefully examine the skin and coat for any unusual lumps, swelling, or parasites, palpate the abdomen and muscles and perform an orthopedic evaluation of the bones, joints, and back. Wellness visits may also include certain routine diagnostic tests, as needed, to help us further evaluate your pet’s overall health status.

The wellness care at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital is extremely thorough and we take as much time as necessary, answering your questions and asking questions of our own to help us understand your pet’s unique needs and risk factors. The more we get to know you both, the more precise and effective a health care plan we can develop. Your pet is unique and we will work closely with you to develop an individualized wellness program that is specific to his or her lifestyle and needs. The more we work together, the better the chances of your loved one enjoying a long, happy and healthy life.

Wellness Packages

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten to your family is such a joyful time, one that we hope to share with you. Our puppy and kitten wellness packages are not only designed to start your new pet off with a healthy foundation but are also used to establish lifelong relationships with our entire staff and your new family member.

For other dogs and cats in the household, we have a healthy pet plan to suit them. Our healthy pet plans offer unlimited examinations whenever they are needed. Routine vaccinations, parasite testing and treatments and much more are included. For puppies and kittens, neutering and spaying can be included, and for older pets, routine dental care can be part of the plan, all for a low monthly fee.

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Vaccines may seem mundane, scary, painful, routine, or just for the young and old. But vaccinations are the key to disease prevention and control. We have eliminated many of the diseases that were truly terrible with simple vaccinations. At Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital we tailor our vaccine protocols to each patient, individually. Not all pets need the same vaccines. Our goal is to keep your best friend healthy, not to sell a vaccine. If you have any questions as to why and when we give certain vaccines, feel free to ask us. We’re here to help you and your pets live long, happy lives.

It is a scary situation when a pet becomes separated from his or her owner. Owners worry about their pet’s safety, who will find their pet, and how they will be reunited. Pets have been known to slip out of their collars and I.D. tags can fall off or become unreadable. Microchips are a permanent solution to this that will help you reunite with your lost pet!

A tiny microchip is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades of the dog or cat (other animals such as horses, ferrets, and most mammals can be microchipped too). The microchip has an identification number on it, which can be read by a scanner. A veterinarian’s office or animal shelter can scan the chip to find out who owns the animal.