Megan Van Deren

Office Manager

Growing up as an only child, Megan’s constant companions were her family pets. She can’t imagine her life without animals! It only made sense for her to pursue a career in the veterinary field.

Megan started at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital in the spring of 2005. After a year, she left to attend college, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California-Santa Barbara. She returned to the clinic in the summer of 2008 and took up her current positon as the Office Manager.

Megan’s favorite part of the job is being a witness to the incredible relationships between pets and their loving owners. She loves to see the moment of reunion when the team brings a healthy pet out to their human family!

At home, Megan lives with many dogs, cats, and horses. The roost is ruled over by Jojo, a Senegal parrot who delights in chasing the dog and destroying Megan’s boots. When she isn’t caring for her pets or working, Megan enjoys knitting socks, reading, and participating in dressage with her horses.

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Photo of  Megan  Van Deren

Jean Holland

Client Service Representative

Jean has been working with animals since the late 1970s when she started working with a program that sponsored dog training for the deaf. Ever since then, Jean knew that working in the veterinary field was her life’s calling. Now she gets to care for pets and their owners daily at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital!

Jean grew up on a small farm in Oregon, where she was surrounded by pigs, cows, chickens, and cats. Her first veterinary job came in Colorado, where she worked at a grooming and pet supply store. Upon moving to California, Jean worked in a pet store and a veterinary hospital, where she stayed for 25 years. After a short stint operating a family-owned deli in Healdsburg, California, Jean returned to the veterinary profession and started here at the clinic in 2010.

Jean loves answering clients’ questions as simply and directly as possible. She’s also quite fond of cuddling puppies and kittens while their owners fill out paperwork!

Jean and her husband Dean—a veterinary assistant here at the clinic—recently bought a new home close to the Russian River. Landscaping, painting, refinishing the deck, and adding antiques now takes up most of her free time.

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Photo of  Jean  Holland

Abby Moreno

Lead Veterinary Technician

Abby’s life was all about animals when she was growing up. She had a subscription to National Geographic Kids, watched Animal Planet constantly, and grew up alongside dogs, cats, and even farm animals. She’s always wanted to help pets in need and gets to live out her dream as Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital’s Lead Veterinary Technician.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Abby was heavily involved in 4-H and the American Kennel Club when she was younger. Her veterinary career started during the summer of 2005, when she began as a kennel assistant. She moved on to an emergency clinic and a specialty clinic before arriving at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital in 2012. As a tech, she especially likes assisting with C-sections, working on dental cleanings, and spending time with adorable puppies and kittens.

Abby’s four-year-old son takes up the majority of her free time away from work. They live with a six-year-old Tibetan terrier who keeps the family laughing.

Recently, Abby completed her first half-marathon and plans on pushing her limits even farther. Although she’s not as active in the AKC as she once was, she still likes to occasionally show dogs for friends or family.

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Photo of  Abby  Moreno

Dean Holland

Veterinary Assistant

Ever since he can remember, Dean wanted to work in a field where he could help people or animals. In the veterinary profession, Dean gets to do both! He loves caring for people and their pets every day as a Veterinary Assistant.

Dean was born in Jackson, California. He entered the veterinary field in Sacramento, when he began working as a kennel technician for a group of practices in the area. When he and his wife were given the chance to manage a deli in the wine country, they jumped at the chance. After four years in the deli business, they decided to sell the establishment and return to the veterinary world. Dean’s wife Jean got a job at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital, and she referred Dean to the clinic when a position opened up. Dean started in December of 2010.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dean enjoys music, sports, and good food.

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Photo of  Dean  Holland

Lauren Mackey

Veterinary Assistant

Lauren is currently working on her Zoology degree, so serving as a Veterinary Assistant here at the clinic is the perfect fit for her while she’s in school. Plus, she likes to joke that she’s always worked better with animals than with people!

Lauren’s first veterinary job was at an animal hospital in Rohnert Park, California. She then worked at a bird rescue center before owning her own business for a period of time. Lauren has since decided to return to school to study Zoology.  She started working here at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital in 2014. Direct interaction with animal patients is Lauren’s greatest source of joy. Creating a bond with patients helps pets to feel at ease, and it’s just plain fun for her!

Lauren has two dogs of her own at home: Alex, a lab/Great Dane mix, and Cleo the basset hound.

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Photo of  Lauren  Mackey

Sherry Krome

Practice Manager

Sherry’s background didn’t involve working with animals, but with children—she worked at her son’s high school for many years. After he went off to college, Sherry decided it was time to try something different! Working with the wonderful staff at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital has proven extremely rewarding, and Sherry is proud to serve as the clinic’s Practice Manager.

Sherry and her Husband, Dr. Krome,  share their home with two rescue dogs. Muffin the Shih Tzu has the longest eyelashes Sherry has ever seen, and Muffin won’t hesitate to bat her lashes to get what she wants. Ranger, the family lab mix, lives for the game of Frisbee.

One of Sherry’s greatest accomplishments occurred recently, when she promised herself that she would complete an obstacle course race before turning 50. After two years of intense training, she completed the “muddy buddy” race in an hour and 10 minutes—Sherry says it was the hardest thing she’s ever done, but it was absolutely worth the effort!

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Photo of  Sherry  Krome

Sharnette Lewis

Kennel Assistant

For as long as she can remember, Sharnette has loved both animals and science. When she secured her first job in the veterinary industry at her local SPCA, she realized that she’d found the perfect combination of everything she was passionate about! Now, Sharnette is thrilled to continue her veterinary journey as a member of the Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital team.

Although born here in California, Sharnette has lived in Alaska, Germany, Virginia, Alabama, and Florida thanks to her father’s Air Force career. After beginning her veterinary career in Virginia, she continued to volunteer and work at a number of animal clinics, sanctuaries, and shelters, where she gained invaluable experience. Sharnette joined the Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital family in November of 2014, and particularly enjoys giving all the love she can to the clinic’s boarding pets. She also likes to utilize her skills in microbiology by performing laboratory tests.

Outside of work, Sharnette enjoys reading, writing, cooking vegan meals, watching movies, and making jewelry. She lives in Santa Rosa with her partner, two dogs named Daisy and Shani, and a mouse named Huey.

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Photo of  Sharnette  Lewis