JoJo’s Perch – Pests!

Morning everyone! Welcome to summer! The heat? Check. The vacations? Check. Everyone home from school for the summer? Check. Spring is officially over and summer has moved in.

I hate to ruin your summer but I wanted to talk about something kind of gross. Pests! Specifically the ones that are attracted to birds and our living conditions.  My feathered brethren know what I’m talking about – rats and moths! Ewww, I know, but it is the nature of the beast. We like to throw our food and these opportunistic creatures like to eat our food. So here are some tips to avoid infestations:


  • First things first – keep things clean.  I know and you know that you are going to throw food and I’m not suggesting that you stop. I’m just saying that you need to have your human clean up after you regularly. Change the cage papers at least once a day and vacuum around dining areas. Actually have dining areas to make clean up easier; less places for your thrown food to hide and easy to wipe down surfaces if you really like to commit to making a mess. Special food bowls with covers and nets that go around the outside of the cage can also keep the distance down on thrown food.
  • Properly store your food. Keep all food (seeds, pellets, treats, fresh veggies, everything) in air tight containers kept in a cool place. To keep moths from riding in on a fresh bag of food, inspect the bag for moths and worms and then freeze the bag for at least 3-4 days. My human actually keeps most of my food in there.
  • Prevention failed? Move on to removal. Have your human pick up some traps, snapping ones for the rats and pheromone ones for moths (pet stores usually keep these in stock). And set them up as directed after doing a through deep cleaning of the house and your living areas. If rats have moved in, find the hole that they’ve made and block it up. 
  • Your human might be frustrated enough to try baits, poisons, and sprays, but tell them to be very careful using these. Not only is it dangerous for us and other pets but there’s always the worry that good wildlife can get into it as well.

 I hope you never have to deal with an infestation, of any sort, but if you do I hope these tips can help you and your human return your house to order.  Here’s to clean living!

 BONUS PEST: The family dog. Many of my feathered brethren have to deal with this pest. Eating our dropped food from under our cages, shedding hair on the couch, taking up our human’s time that would better be spent playing with us. We know this pest all too well. Unfortunately there is no known cure for this pest. Our humans seem to like having these hairy, ground dwellers following them around.  If you find a way to prevent them from coming in to the house please let me know, just don’t let my human know. 


About me…

I’m a 26 year old Senegal parrot. As with any creature as small as I am, I have a big attitude and know how to get what I want. I share my home with my human servant Megan and her Australian Shepherd, Kona, whom I torment to my heart’s content. Coming from a rescue, my history is a little bit of a mystery. My early life has caused me to be a picker, but it doesn’t matter too much – I know I’m gorgeous!