We are in the midst of Kitty and Puppy Season!

From now through the end of June we’re offering your new family member (for new clients) a head to tail exam for $1. We can only provide so many of these, so you’ll need to book quickly, but when you do you’ll be off to a great start in providing a lifetime of loving care for your pet!



Dr. Krome was the kid who was always surrounded by animals. Having also a passion and aptitude for the sciences, Veterinarian Medicine was a natural outcome.

Dr. Krome knows that having a staff that shares his passion for knowledge in caring for your pet, combined with his same compassion for animals, is the only way to have a successful pet hospital! He’s been at it for over 30 years…


Santa Rosa Veterinarian

So, take this opportunity for just $1 to introduce your new treasure to one of the most competent, pet friendly Veterinarian’s you’ll ever meet!