Halloween 2016

You guys! My human bought Kona the dog a Halloween costume! Even better, she makes her wear it! Kona’s not sure about having to wear it but the human says so, so Kona wears it. I, of course, make fun of her. It might be too easy to pick on her, I know. But it’s just so fun!

My human didn’t get one for me. She knows better than that.

In the spirit of Halloween (see what I did there? HA!) I thought I’d give you, my furry and feathery friends, some pointers for your own costumes:

  • Make sure they fit. Too big and you’ll be tripping all over the place; too small and you’ll be unable to move. You have to find that happy medium.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any little pieces to chew on or swallow. In fact – Let’s not chew on any of it no matter how enticing it might be.       Just leave the whole thing alone.
  • Make sure your costume doesn’t make you too hot.       Remember, you already have a layer of fur to keep you warm this October. A costume is just going to keep you even warmer. If you find yourself too hot, tell your human to find something more minimalist.
  • Try on the costume beforehand! I can’t repeat this enough. It is so important. You might think you like your costume but what if you decide it’s too much on the big day? Test it out beforehand; take it for a practice run. During her trial run Kona figured out that she doesn’t really like the hood on her costume, so she figured out how to flip it off and be more comfortable. My human and her compromised with her keeping it on for the photos at least.

Also, a little off topic (but only a bit since it’s still about Halloween): STAY AWAY FROM THE CANDY! Everyone who reads my blog should know by now to stay away from chocolate, but wat about xylitol, a popular artificial sweeter? Can you tell when a candy has it? Pretty sure most of my feathery and furry friends don’t stop to read the ingredients labels before eating. Even if it doesn’t have chocolate or xylitol let’s keep away from it. We don’t want any vomiting, diarrhea, blockages, or the many other problems that can be caused by eating something that you are not supposed to. Instead, have your human get some special treats just for you to have. None for the trick-or-treaters, all for you!

So enjoy your Halloween! What’s your favorite costume? Mine’s a Well-Behaved Parrot. I love make believe!

About me…

I’m a 24 year old Senegal parrot. As with any creature as small as I am, I have a big attitude and know how to get what I want. I share my home with my human servant Megan and her Australian Shepherd, Kona, whom I torment to my heart’s content. Coming from a rescue, my history is a little bit of a mystery. My early life has caused me to be a picker, but it doesn’t matter too much – I know I’m gorgeous!

Have a question for me? You can contact me through my secretary, Megan Van Deren at meganvd@santarosavet.com or you can call one of my staff members at your friendly Veterinary Hospital – the Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital.