JoJo’s Perch: Hiking with your pet

** Alright. Against my better judgement, I’ve decided to have a guest author today. Kona, my human’s Australian Shepherd, will be talking today about hiking, something that I’m not very familiar with. She can be a little distractable so I’m going to stay close and keep her on topic. I have a feeling that I’m going to have to cut her off though. Let’s see how it goes. **

Hi! Hello there! I’m Kona! You might have seen me in the office before with my mom, Megan. (Going to the office – my favorite thing!) So excited to be here today. JoJo always seems like he’s having fun doing this blog. So excited that Mom made him give me a chance to try it!

Awesome, huh? Okay! So here we go:

Okay, so, it’s almost summer time, right? Weather’s warming up, sun’s out. Time to get outside and do my favorite thing! I LOVE to hike! Running along the trail following Mom is the BEST. Nothing beats it. Except for maybe eating. Or playing. Or chasing squirrels.

**”Squirrels?! Where?”

There aren’t any squirrels, Kona”

Then who said squirrels? Jojo, did you say squirrels?”

NO, you did. Stay on topic, remember?”
“Oh yeah!”**

Okay, so yeah, hiking. One of my favorite things in the world to do. But let’s do it right. So, some tips to help make it the best thing ever:

  • Have a map: make sure your human mom and dad know where you’re going. Nothing worse than having to be tracked down by a rescue unit … unless you get to ride in the helicopter. Then it might be worth it.

  • Bring food: Bring your favorite trail snack to help keep up your energy. Unless you are planning on catching it yourself (something I do not recommend – way too much effort). Kibble is much easier.

  • Bring water: Sure there might be water on the trail, but do you really think that it’s all the clean? Don’t take chances on catching Giardia or some other nasty parasite. Stick to your own water.

  • First Aid: If you’re on a long hide or will be on some rough terrain think about packing some basic first aid items – Wound cleaning solution, bandage materials, etc. Just enough to take care of any emergencies.

So, okay, now I know this all sounds like a lot of things to have to carry. You might be wondering how I do it all. Of course you can make Mom or Dad carry it for you, or you can be fashionable like me and get a doggie back pack. You can carry all of your own supplies and maybe sneak a couple of extra treats in there for yourself. Just remember to not over pack! It shouldn’t be over 25% of your body weight. Of course, nothing is keeping you from making half of that 25% treats!

Okay, so yeah! That’s all I have to say about my favorite thing. See you out there!

**Well, she didn’t do too bad. Maybe we’ll have her back again later. Thank you for putting up with her. See you next month for a tutorial on getting your human to make your own bird toys.**

About me…

I’m a 24 year old Senegal parrot. As with any creature as small as I am, I have a big attitude and know how to get what I want. I share my home with my human servant Megan and her Australian Shepherds, whom I torment to my heart’s content. Coming from a rescue, my history is a little bit of a mystery. My early life has caused me to be a picker, but it doesn’t matter too much – I know I’m gorgeous!

Have a question for me? You can contact me through my secretary, Megan, at or you can call one of my other staff members at your friendly Veterinary Hospital – the Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital.