Unlocking Your Cat’s Purrsonality

Is your kitty timid? Does Fluffy bolt at the slightest noise, and take shelter in a closet or under the bed? Perhaps your furball is aggressive, and strikes out unexpectedly. Maybe your kitty just doesn’t like to be held, petted, or cuddled. Our feline friends all have their own distinct personalities, and just like people, some are friendlier than others. In some cases, though, a kitty may act withdrawn or aggressive because of fear, bad experiences, or medical issues. In this article, your local Santa Rosa vet gives some tips on how to bring out your furball’s ‘Purrsonality’


If your cat is acting aggressive, see if you can pinpoint what sets her off. Is it commotion? The presence of a significant other or roommate? Kitties are certainly capable of being jealous, so envy may be behind Fluffy’s behavior. Discovering the source of Fluffy’s uneasiness is the first step in helping her grow into a calmer, friendlier cat. Once you know what is setting Kitty off, you can make a plan of action to correct her behavior.

Lack of Stimulation

Our feline friends may spend a ridiculous amount of time sleeping, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get bored when awake. A cat that spends all her time in one room without proper toys and stimulation is probably not a very happy kitty. Make sure your furball has lots of toys, and at least one place she can look out the window. Cat condos, kitty tunnels, and window perches are all great for Fluffy’s mental health!


If fear is keeping your kitty in the background, she may need some time to gain confidence. Make sure your furball has at least one hiding spot in each room, where she can retreat to safety any time she feels threatened. Interactive play with a wand toy or laser pointer will also help by providing stimulation and burning off excess energy.


We can’t overstate the importance of making sure your cat feels loved, safe, and comfortable. Give Fluffy lots of attention. Talk to her, play with her, give her treats, and pet her. Let Fluffy come to you for attention, rather than trying to force affection on a nervous cat. With time, love, and patience, your kitty’s ‘purrsonality’ will shine through!

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